Your Choices

At Bits and Boblets we like to give our customers the ability to choose how their accessories are made, giving them the choice of not only different fixings but also which way round a clip is placed on their bows. 

Here is a little bit of information about the types of fixings we offer and why we ask you to choose a side for certain bows. 

Crocodile Clips are the main choice for a lot of our customers. We will choose a size that is appropriate for the bow it will be fixed on to. Each clip is super strong and is fully secured to your bow.


Elastic Bobbles are sourced from our fabulous suppliers here in the UK and come in a variety of colours and widths. As a rule, we place our bigger bows on the thicker bobbles and smaller bows on thinner ones as we find this suits our customers. All our elastic bobbles are snag free, meaning no bits of metal to get tangled in your child's hair!

Snap Clips come in a variety of colours and sizes. We only use the best at Bits and Boblets so rest assured these clips won’t lose their ‘snap’ like cheaper alternatives can.


Nylon Headbands or ‘Dainties’ are super soft endless bands of nylon. They are one size fits all so will fit newborns and adults and spring back into their starting shape. We stock over 15 different colours in these so can match them to your bow! 

Satin Headbands are available in a variety of colours to coordinate with your bows. Our headbands are sourced from our fantastic suppliers and are 1cm wide satin covered bands.

You will notice that sometimes we ask you to choose between ‘right side facing’ and ‘left side facing’ this is only for designs where the picture has a right way up and putting the clip on the wrong way round could result in the design on your bow being upside down. All you need to do is decide which side of the head the bow will be worn on and choose that side. 


Our Brand Reps Nola Mai and Maddison Mae are expertly modelling both sides. Nola Mai is wearing a left side facing bow and Maddison Mae is wearing a right side facing bow.