Bow Sizing Information

Bits and Boblets offer wide variety of hair accessories. Below you will find the approximate sizing information for each shape we make (we do make accessories in more shapes and will be adding more measurements as we go along). 

*Please note, sizes are approximate and may be 1-2mm out. Bows are measured at their widest parts. Measurements are including tails unless stated otherwise*

Dolly Bows: 

Large: 11cm x6.5cm    

Medium: 8.5cm x 5cm

Small: 6cm x 3.5cm                                            

Teeny: 4.5cm x 2.5cm

Beau Bows:

Large: 9.5cm x 5cm          

Medium: 8cm x 4cm   

Small: 8cm x 3cm

Gracie Bow:

Large: 10cm x 6.5cm

Small: 6cm x 4.5cm


Sailor Bow:

  One Size: 7cm x 8cm




Grosgrain Ribbon Bows:

Large (3 inch wide ribbon): 5"x 2.75"                             

Medium (2 inch wide ribbon): 4" x 2" 

Medium with Tails: 3.5" x 6"

Small (1.5 inch wide ribbon): 2.5" x 1.5"

Tiny (1 inch wide ribbon): 3" x 1"

Double Tuxedo (1 inch wide ribbon): 3" x 2.5"

Snap Clips:

Large: 8.25cm x 3.25cm

Medium: 7cm x 2.5cm.

Small: 5.5cm x 2cm.


Florence Bow:

Small: 6cm x 4.25cm 

Medium: 7cm x 5.5cm


Baby BatBow:



One size: 9.5cm x 3cm.


Camille Hand Tied:

Small: 8cm x 6cm.

Large: 12cm x 8cm.




One Size: 15cm x 11cm.